How It Works.

Magikkraft - Craft


Pair your devices and compose customized recipes through our AI-powered tool.

Magikkraft - Simulate


Test your sequences in our virtual playground, finetune and perfect them in real-time.

Magikkraft - Deploy


Send your perfected sequences to your device and watch them perform in the real world.


MagikKraft is an AI-powered platform that enables you to personalize the sequences and actions of your programmable devices, like drones, automated appliances, or self-driving vehicles.

MagikKraft allows you to pair your devices, create customized sequences (or recipes), test them in a virtual environment, and then deploy them into the real world.

With MagikKraft, you can customize sequences or 'recipes' for any programmable device. You could choreograph a drone light show, automate your smart home appliances, or create a sequence for your self-driving vehicle. The possibilities are endless!

No, MagikKraft only adds an extra layer of sequences or recipes that coexist with your device's original functionalities. It does not interfere or harm the existing code or features.

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At MagikKraft, we are committed to enhancing the potential of technology, while being mindful of its impact. Our aim is to provide powerful tools without causing any undue harm or unforeseen consequences. We prioritize privacy, user control, and creative freedom. As we journey along the path of intuitive and accessible technology, these guiding principles remain at our core.

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